November 23, 2019 Special Announcement of MAMRT President, Jason Lewis, RTR


Each table at the November 23, 2019 90th Anniversary Celebration at the Fort Garry Hotel was decorated with gold “star” ornaments. There was also an envelope, decorated with stars and marked “Do Not Open – TBA”. Various “clues” were provided throughout the day; words such as a “stellar”, “astronomical”, “galaxy” were slyly incorporated by the guest speakers into their presentations. There were other indications too, such as the specially created banner and the pianist’s playlist (i.e. “When you Wish upon a Star”)


As President Lewis instructed that the time had come to open the envelope, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was playing and the large screen displayed a Constellation Finder Chart. Attendees then heard the following Special Announcement:


That’s right, it’s a star. 

Last year, during MRT week, the MAMRT hit the ground running with ads in Winnipeg Transit bus shelters and this year, we decided to reach for the stars!

The MAMRT is very excited to announce that a star in the Ursa Major Constellation has been named in honour of MAMRT, through the “Say It with a Star Program” with the Manitoba Museum.  

A star presents us with one of the most inspirational, beautiful, and enchanting of all symbols; it is a bright light in a darkened sky. 

MRTs across our province shine in their role as healthcare providers and knowing that the MAMRT star is shining brightly down on them will only further inspire our members to achieve their goals and dreams. 

No matter where you are in Manitoba, or in Canada, or in the world, for that matter, you can look up, and know that you are one of the rising stars. The future is looking bright!



  1. Post/share the Manitoba Museum November 1, 2019 Star  SAO 14573  “Adoption” Certificate

  2. Read the “Star Data” on SAO 14573 in Ursa Major, the Star adopted in honour of the MAMRT’s 90th Anniversary

  3. Use the “Constellation Finder” and the “Star Finder” Charts to locate the MAMRT’s Star

  4. Gaze and be reminded of the star that you are!